Mechanical Keyboard not working

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Mechanical Keyboard

My mechanical keyboard, a  Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth 2014. At this point I have had it 6 years.  Its gone thru its fair shares of drops and liquid spills and was just filthy. Then it started typing wrong letter and double letters, and lastly, it was just dead. So I decided to try and clean it before I had to by a new one. You can click on the pics for full size.


Here it is dead as a door nail


I popped it open and started to clean out all the sick and gross gunk. It was way worse at the beginning, this is closer to the end.


I just could not get it clean. So i took it apart and cleaned both the top and the bottom (circuit board) with 90% alch.


I plugged it in and it was alive, but still was not typing correctly. So I doused the switches and the mother board in more alch. Let it dry a couple days.


After sitting it fires up and seemed to type correctly. I started to assemble it. I cleaned each key individually.


Here it is all working, cleaned and put back together. Hopefully it last me another 6 years.