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It was hard finding any doco on installing this thing. I finally found an old howto for FC7. From there I was able to derive at this:



1) find the rmp

# yum list *pptpd*

( in the past I had to # rpm -Uvh http://poptop.sourceforge.net/yum/stable/fc8/pptp-release-current.noarch.rpm but I did not do that this time)


2)  install pptp

from the list yum install the package. In this case it was # yum install pptpd.i686

( last time it was # yum --enablerepo=poptop-stable install pptpd )


3) configure your server

edit /etc/ppp/options.pptpd or use Webmin to put in the server address and client address range.

1) Choose PPTP VPN server from the left menu
2) Under PPTP Server Options: Add IP address of your server and some address to allocate to the clients (use all inside IPs)
3) Under PPP Accounts: Create a new PPP account. Give it a user name and a password.
4)Click on Start PPTP server


4) Configure your Firewall

Open GRE (protocal 47) and TCP port 1723


5) enable broadcast relay

In order for a Lan game to see each other over VPN edit /etc/pptpd.conf, add bcrelay eth1 (replace eth1 with the name of your internal interface) This will enable broadcast forwarding between the ppp interfaces as well as the interface you specify



In /etc/ppp/options-pptp, you can comment out the mppe required option. Since we will be playing games over this VPN connection, encryption is not necessary. I left the encryption.