Electronic Fan

Electronic Fan



After putting the fan on from the truck, it was obvious that it would not work. You can see how the blade would cut right thru the hose. So this lead to a domino effect of things I had to do to fix it. 

First I had to find a radiator that was for a V8 and not use the one that came from the i6. I got one off line but it was way to thick and not wide enough. I was then lucky enough to find a used one very cheap.

I knew I wanted to go elect fan. So I looked on line and saw those fans were $250+ plus. Ouch. After some more reading, I saw that people use fans out of other cars. Taurus, Volvo, PT Cruiser being some.

To this end I found a Elect fan out of a mid 90's Ford Taurus, as that was what years were suggested.


Here is said 95 Ford Taurus fan.


Well there seems to be two different styles of Taurus fans, one from a 3.8L and one form a 3.0L engine. The one you want is from the 3.8L since it seems to bolt right up to the radiator. Wanna guess which I got? Yep the 3.0L

The two different types of Ford Taurus fans.


It was too wide for the radiator and to thick to fit in front of the water pump pulley. So I took a saws-all and I cut off the ends and sliced off a bunch of the shroud horizontally. I then used some aluminium strips and small screws to attach it to some pre-existing holes in the radiator frame.

Here it is chopped painted and mounted.


I was then able to slide the whole thing down in front of the water pump.


Not a lot of clearance, but should be fine. 


I then wired it up to a 10sec relay so that it wont be pulling so many amps while the car is cranking. Some people use thermostats so that it turns on an off with temp. I might go back and do that some day.

Here is a link to the relay.. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0744HSF8P/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1




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