Two issues with the pedals. 1) A different gas pedal is needed when changing from i6 to V8  2) Need to remove the clutch and put in an auto break pedal.



I removed the break, clutch and gas pedal



Break pedal, Clutch pedal and Gas pedal


the V8 gas pedal was much straighter than the i6 pedal. the break pedal was also much wider.


The V8 accelerator cable, on the left, was also different and shorter


Here they are mounted after about 30 min standing on my head.


The manual gas pedal only had one bolt. This took 2, so I had to drill a new hole in the firewall. I think I have it at the wrong angle. As you can see in the video there is not much movement before the pedal hits the trany hump. This will be even worse once padding and carpet are in. I think I need to turn it a bit toward the drivers door.







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