Well this whole freaking thing started because I wanted to change to an automatic from a manual. Turned out it was more involved to put a auto transmission on the i6 then it was just to drop a whole new engine in it with a automatic transmission. 

Here is the old manual 3 speed coming up thru the floor


Was rather strait forward. Follow the direction and bolt on some levers to the side of the transmission. Adjust some bolts and nuts till it moves the lever from Park all the way in to L2


Here is the one I got a B&M Z-gate shifter with cable


I then panel glued some sheet metal over the existing hole, then bolted in the shifter. I didnt put it up ford as far as I would have liked, but its close enough.


I ran into a problem under the car. The hump for the transmission cross member was right in the way and bound up the cable.


For whatever reason there was a hole going thru right next to where the cable was. 


It was exactly big enough to put the cable thru and lined up perfectly with the shifter lever. Sometimes you get lucky.


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