Headlight Relay

Headlight Relay

Earlier I put in a bunch of relays. You can see that on this page Relays . Two of them were for Low and High beam lights. 

Here are the relays I bought. They are knock off Bosh 87s.

First I had to find which wires were used for High and Low beam. I used a video from Satchel McQueen Click and took a screen grab of when he identifies the wires.


I added a small fuse box. The white fuses are 25A and are for the headlights. The yellow fuse is for the horn. I have already connected the feeds from the relays on the left hand side of the fuse block. I then cut open the wire harness that feeds the original headlight switches to the headlights.

I then cut the two wired. I soldered the two wires coming from the switch into the relays.


I put ends on the other half of the original wires and plugged them into the fuse box. 


After that I just taped up the wire harness. 


This is the circuit that was built. One for high beam and one for low beam.

Here for more pictures.