5 Lug Rear End

5 Lug Rear End

I am changing the car from 4 lug drums all around to 5 lug all around with drums in the back and disk in the front.

To do this in the back, you have to remove the entire rear end. 



Drove 4 hours round trip to pick this up. Its from a 1973 Ford Maverick. Got it for a good price


Took it home and cleaned it up.


Painted the whole thing black. Oh for the tires....


Went to the junk yard and got 4 15" 5 bolt tires and rims off of a 2001 Ford Ranger


Had to resort to some Junk Yard engineering to get the stuck bolts off.


They are not too bad, just greasy and some are rusty around the lugs. Prob gonna clean them up and paint them. Just gotta remember these are only temps. So dont put to much time and money into them.


Cleaned, sanded and primed


Painted red. Now I need to stop. These are TEMP rims.


Unbolted and pulled out the 4 lug differential.



Put in and bolted up the 5 lug rear.


Slapped on the drums


Slapped on the tires. So there you have it.  A 5 lug rear end on a 70Maverick

As a side note, the tires are to big. They hit the trac bars and the stop bump. Not a biggie because I only bought them to hold the car off the ground. Was hoping to drive it to get proper rim and tires, but now Ill just have to trust the data and sales man when it comes to things fitting when I get prem rims/rubber.



More pics here