Body Shop Update


I was trying to keep all the post of the car separated by body part during restoration. This has become way to cumbersome. So instead I will just be posting them by photo gallery batches. I will also make some text updates when ever appropriate. New pics are ontop. Scroll down for older pictures.



Part 2 here. First pics of the paint job.



Some progress finally made on the car. Paint going on. Picking out stripes and everything.






Went and drop off some parts and picked up my old bumpers. They had sprayed a little more color on the car. Here are a few more pics I snapped with my phone. Car is supposed to be back together in the next couple weeks.


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Went and dropped off a few small parts. They happened to be putting the first paint on the car jambs. My stupid phone only saved 1 pic, so that is all you get today.





Went to day to make the final payment before the paint. I will have to pay for that after the job is done. They had some concern about how the rear spoiler fit since its a generic spoiler. Getting close. Good thing cuz I am getting broke.




WOW, 7 months. How the hell did that happen. Anyway, its looking a lot more like a car. It is all one color now. Body guy got fired, so had to wait on a replacement guy. Looks like he does good work too.

Here are some pics, sorry for the quality, they were taken with my cell phone. The carpet was taken out. Not as bad under there as I feared. Hole in the divers floor, and a couple small ones in front of the back seat. You can see the Crites fiberglass hood mounted to the hinges, finally. Looks like it lines up good.





Been about 3 months since my last update. When out and got some new pics of the car. Here they are...



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Went to the body shop today and dropped off a set of chrome bumpers , front bumper brackets, and a rocker panel. Below are the pics I have uptodate. There are more, but the body shop owner can not seem to get them off his pc or camera. I am going to go up and try to get them off myself.

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