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My daughter got an old stereo cabinet from her Grandmother. It was in good shape, but had a couple issues. The turn table was seized. The radio/amp made a horrible buzz. It didnt have Bluetooth, the most important to her. You can see all the pics  >> here <<

This is what we stated with


I apologize in advanced to all the people reading, but the first thing we did was gut it.


Then, of course, after you gut it….you cut it


After all the destruction, I covered the holes and recut my openings.


I then fit the new radio, with Bluetooth, in the hole, stained and added some trim. Don’t worry, I cleaned up the glue

After that, I placed the  record player. I then glued the old amp panel and knobs together and affixed them to the back  area. I had to run a line in cable from the record player into the front of the radio. you can see it on the front left side of the radio. To the right of the radio I added a usb charging port. You can see it in the pic before I stuck it to the side of the radio


After that it was just a matter of wiring the radio, running the antena around the perimeter (it is the red wire) and plugging in all the power


Then all was left was to throw on the back, use some Old English polish oil, drive it to her house and fire it up.

Thanks for reading. This was a interesting and fun little mod. She loves how it came out, so thats all that matters.

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