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Deleting Backup Lens

I no longer needed the reverse light in the tail lights. Here is my attempt to delete it.








I have some lenses coming to see what I can do about the white lens. I am thinking either cutting out the white and replacing. OR just chopping off the entire end and gluing on a new end. Should be able to hide the seam under the vertical bar.



Well while I wait for the red lenses to come in, I decided to work on the bezels



I decided to chemically strip them. I went and got the hair and degreaser from Home Depot. I first tried to brush it on the cleaner with a small paint brush. I let it sit for 10 min. Rinsed, then did it again.


I decided it was not working after the 4th coat. I then poured a bottle of the cleaner in a tub with some hot water and soaked them for about 5 min. NOTE. Aluminum reacts with sodium hydroxide in water to produce hydrogen gas. The same is true for the potassium hydroxide. It goes without saying to not use an aluminum pan. Also, these bezels are themselves aluminum.


They are shinny now, no more white film on them. This pic really does not do them justice.  Now I just wait for the red lenses to get here.

Got the red lenses in and started hacking away…











There you have it all done. No more white lens.

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