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Steering Wheel Repair

A replica steering wheel like the one I have can be $600. Heck with that. Figured I got nothing to lose to try and fix the one I have.

Here is what I am starting with.


Here you can see the big cracks on each side, front and back.

Here I sanded off all the shinny.

I also cleaned up the center hub

I then bondo-ed up the cracks, in the wheel and down the back spokes.

I also cleaned up the main pad

Cleaned and put in the center piece. It is missing the horn button the goes between them. That part is also very expensive. Going to see what I can find used.



Sanding , more bondo, more sanding and I finally got here.

Put on the first coat of SEM bumber/pastic spray paint. Didnt cover the bondo as much as I liked. So we shall see.



Couple coats and it came out good. I see I missed a crack and could have sanded better. But Ill take it.

I am missing the center piece and the horn mechanics

Ouch, the horn mechanics are over $100. So I found a used one that had a new center too.

Cleaned painted the center and put it all together. I think it looks good.

More pictures here

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