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This will install a Windows Schedule job on a Windows machine with out any user intervention. It runs as a system task, so no user password is needed.

REM Removes any extra or unwanted scheduled tasks
cd \
cd windows\tasks
del *.job

REM Removed Crypo files from local disk. It gave us not authorized errors on some machines when trying to start the scheduled job
cd \
rmdir “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\S-1-5-18” /s /q

REM Stops and stops task scheduler
net stop “Task Scheduler”
net start “Task Scheduler”

REM Creates sheduled scan, in this exaple for ClamWin  AntiVirus. /tn is just the name of hte job; /tr is the program to run; /ru “” makes it run as a system job
schtasks /create /tn “CalmWin AntiVirus Scanner” /tr clamscan.bat /sc DAILY /mo 1 /st 17:15:00 /sd “09/28/2009” /ed “01/01/2050” /ru “”


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