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Got the news from the body shop today about the rear quarters. Not good. I knew the passenger side would probably need replaced, as it was hit before. I was hopping the passenger side was going to be fine. No such luck. Took some pictures with my cell phone today. Kinda hard to see in the pics, but there is a lot of holes and bondo. In one spot it was almost an inch thick. I hope this is not a representation of what is under the rest of the paint. The body guy seemed to think no because the under side and other spots look ok at first glance. Lets hope


Well, lets just say they started on them. Guess this is a point of no return.

Ordered some quarters. They were about 1″ to long. Manufacture said they were supposed to be that way. Also the rear marker light stamps were not in the center of the impression stamp. So that is gonna need fixed too. Below are some update pics.

Click for more pics

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