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How to setup DNS using Webmin

Below are the steps for setting up DNS via webmin…

Create a Master Zone

Under the “Existing DNS Zones” click on “Create master zone”.

Fill out the following:

– “Domain name / Network”:

– “Master Server” :

– “IP address for template records”

– Click on “Create”

This will take you to the “Edit Master Zone” page.

Create Address Records (A)

1) Click on “Address”

2) Fill out the following:

– “Name” : [ leave this blank for the first time ]

– “Address” : [ your IP address ]

– Click on “Create”

3) Fill out the following for each server:

– “Name” : [server name. ie..www ]

– “Address” : [ your IP address ]

– Click on “Create”

Once done, click on “Return to record types” at the bottom of the page.

Allow Access

If you are not on the main options screen, click on the left hand menu “BIND DNS Server”.

1) Click on “Zone Defaults”

2) Under “Default Zone Settings”, “Allow queries from” box, select “Listed” and change the box from “localhost” to “any”.  This will allow anyone to query your DNS server.

3) Click on “Save”

4) Click on “Return to zone list” at the bottom of the page.

5) Click on “Addresses and Topology”.

6) Under “Global address and topology options”, under “Ports and address to listen on”, select “Listed below” and in the first row, make sure that “Default” is not selected, and the second radio box is selected.  In the text box there should be “53” indicating that we are running DNS on port 53.  In the “Address” column, change the value to “any” to allow anyone to access this port.

7) Click on “Save”

Forwarding and Transfers

If you need to have your DNS ask your ISP DNS then

1) Click on Forwarding and Transfers

2) fill in the server IP to xfer to and port [53]

3) click save


1) In the top right hand corner, “Stop BIND” and then “Start BIND” to restart the service.  DNS typically takes 72 hours to propogate, but more often than not, it takes less than an hour for local DNS servers to pick up.

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