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I have a surround system on my PC. I also have projector hooked to it. The PC has a blu-ray drive. The projector projects to the screen behind me. So I face front when using my pc and face back when watching a movie on the projector. Therefore, I need to switch speakers front to back and left to right, i.e. diagonally. To that end I am building a box with 4 SPDT switches in it.

Click her to see a schematic I threw together in paint. Its not exactly a professional drawing, so don’t judge me by it.

Here are the parts I used. Project box. Spade connectors. 4 DPDT center off switches.

Took all that crap and some wires and made this monstrosity…

Crammed it all in a box and got this.

It was a little harder to get the lid on then I would have liked. ¬†Hopefully, no wires came loose or broke off. I am also a little worried about capacitance¬†of “ghosting” across the wires. Have to hook it up tomorrow and see how it goes.

The first fire up was a partial success. All the speakers worked and sounded clear. They swithced from front to back. Howerver they did not switch from left to right. Need to look and see if I wired it wrong, or if my schematic is flawed

I fixed the speaker orders so now it switched Front to Back and Left to Right.

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