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Ok wasnt easy, but I got it working. LOOOONG story kinda short….

As you probably know the problem was that Linux has its set of file rights 655, 777 and all that crap.
Novell has its set of file rights via trustee assignments in NDS. 
Then new server has two drive partitions in it. The Linux OS one (which I will call LOS), and the NSS novell Vol1. This means that on the LOS we use the 655, 777 stuff, and on the Vol1 we use NDS rights. 
Action: Installed the Apache2 server worked fine, but we wanted it over on Vol1 cuz thats where the size is.
Problem: moving document root to Vol1 does not let the apache2 user (wwwrun) have rights to the new docroot because rights do not flow from LOS to NSS vol1
Solution: Novell was nice enough to auto make a wwwrun NDS user in the tree. Gave that user NDS rights to the new doc root. All is well
Action: Install Owncloud on new docroot (which is NSS Vol1 now)
Problem: Owncloud will not install if the rights are not set to 770 for the data directory. We can not set the rights to 770 because we are on NSS. Tried messing with NDS rights to fake 770, but no good. Owncloud still saw 777 rights.
Solution: Make /root/Documents an alias in the apache config file. Since /root/Documents (roots home drive) is on the LOS and is now served up as a folder in apache, we can set the rights to 770 and install Owncloud. Then copped the files back to NSS vol1/docroot and owncloud worked fine. Then removed the /root alias.
Action: want to store owncloud files on NSS vol1 because that is where the space is.
Problem. Once again, if we make the ownclould datastore a folder on NSS vol1 it will not run because rights are not 770.
Solution: Leave the data store root folder on /root after removing the alias from apache. Then in the owncloud web interface make a folder called nss and point it to the NSS vol1/owncloud folder that exist in the actual NSS file structure. Give NDS rights to wwwrun at the nss vol1/owncloud folder. 
So what this means is this….   
go to www.server.whatever/oc
this will drop you into the Ownclould web client. If you upload a file into the this default folder it will go to /root/Documents on the LOS (not recommended due t limited space). If you click on the NSS folder in the web interface and put a file there, you are putting it in VOL1/owncloud. The cool part about that? You can browse thru windows to VOL1 and see the tech drive and the owncloud folder. You could use windows to place files in the owncloud folder for someone.
Hope this makes sense.

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