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Attic Hoist

The stairs in the garage are some old rickety wood stairs. They are 10 ft and don’t reach the floor from the 12 ft Ceiling. You have to put them on a wooden box. I decided to have a new set put in the bedroom closet. Then remove these stairs and put in an electric hoist.

Here are the crappy stair not reaching to the floor.

I bought this hoist from Harbor Freight

I removed the housing, then drilled some holes and put some bolts thru it.

I then put it back together and bolted it to a board

Course the place I needed to bolt it down had electrical wires. Luckily there was enough slack to must move them up out of the way. I then bolted the board to the floor joist.

I cut some angle iron and put a Ubolt and some lag screws in it.  I also put an eye hook in a metal bar i bought.

I then just bolted the whole thing to the rafters above the hole.

hung the pulley that came with the hoist.

The hoist only had a couple foot cord for the control buttons.  Another issue is that the controls do not operate a relay. They carry full 120V current and the starting cap is in the handle. I ran conduit down to where I wanted the button.


I then just spliced it wire to wire on each end and strapped the control to the wall.

I then used the hoist to remove the stairs. Smarter then your average bear.


I then used it to hoist stuff up into the attic.

I also made a little cover to connect to the hook when not in use.

That it for now. Next step is to build a little cage for things to ride in so i dont have to use only the hook.

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