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Chicken Coop

My dad bought a chicken coop. Some of it got damaged in the move. So we put it together best we could. (click any of the pics below for larger version)

Moving it into place

As you can see, it did not go together very well at all

So we spent the entire next evening moving and bolting it together and leveling the entire thing up and putting floors in it.

This weekend my S.O. decided she wanted to go over and make it look nice for my Mom. So we started by painting the entire thing red.

We then put new facing on the middle to box it in since the white wire part exploded on move. You can see it in the second pic just laying to the side.

We then made a faux barn top for it and trimmed it out and the door.

Mom and her decided the two short boards on the right building didn’t looks so good. We we put longer ones on.

Time to do the roof and put on some singles

Shingles on the front side. Going to use the large single roll on the back side.

While i was up there, i used hurricane braces to keep the faux barn front from blowing over.

Going to have to do something about this sharp drain thing. Probably put a white trim board in front of it but leave enough room for water to drain.

But at least we have chickens…..

Fixed the dangerous drain of death roof.

Click here for all the pics

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