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Basement Stairs

So these are my parents basement stairs. They are just brick. The treads are barely 6″ wide. The height is all over the place, from 10″ to 7″ step rise. The top is just dangerous. You have to make a giant step down while turning left on those narrow stairs. My brother is in town and  he decided we are going to fix them.

First thing we did was build a wider platform to step from the porch on the left down to the stairs.

We then started building stairs. By we I mean I cut wood and handed it to my brother. My dad wanted the stairs removable in case he needed to get the furnace or water tank out of the basement. Each step sits on the old brick below with center supports. It is tied into the side wall and back to the previous step. Few screw removals and it would come out.

Here is the final product. We ran out of tread tops. Used some old deck boards for now. Will grab some new boards and replace those. All in all its now much safer for my parents to go down the stairs to the basement. Also need to put on a better hand rail.

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