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Kitchen Redo

Sooo….Mom’s kitchen was a mess. It looked like this. And hadnt been touched in 50 years. My brother and I decided she needed to get a small dishwasher. That started a series of events.


My Dad decided to gut it on his own.

I then went over and did some wiring. Took all freaking day.


My brother then did the real work of throwing up some cabinets.

This left a really ugly awkward opening above where the cabs used to go all the way to the ceiling.

So we trimmed it out.

next we, ok he, installed the countertop and cut in the sink.

Then came the whole thing that started it all. The counter top dishwasher. To make it permanent, we ran the water and discharge thru the wall.

After that I installed a splash board.

Then applied a clear coat to the wood.

All painted and done.

Their water is very hard. So I made a little stand to pump water form a 5gal jug to the counter so they would not have to lift anymore.


coolest part was I made it at home and it actually fit when i took it over.

Click for a ton more pics…

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