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302 into the 70

Not sure where to even start on this one. I had NO freaking idea what I was doing.  I posted that how I had to pull out the i6 (here) and cleaning up the 302 (here), but I really havent touched on all the things I had to learn to get this thing in and running. I hope to touch on those things now. 

but first the obligatory pic of the engine in the Mav  Click here for a ton of pics


Front sump pan

well the first thing I leaned was I needed a front sump pan. I had no idea what this was. Turns out its the oil pan. The pump in the pan can be mid, front or rear. I thought I was good to go since I had a front sump. Nope, after I got the engine in, i found the drain plug hit the cross member bar. I had to end up getting a new pan and replacing it. This was probably one of the worse things I have ever done. If it leaks, I will take it in. I am NOT doing that again.


Gotta have some mounts to attach the motor too the car. Guess yo need a log of different one. I got lucky and found a set not to bad a price on ebay. These included…Motor mounts, Frame mounts, cross member bar and its special bolts, transmission cross member. I did not use the transmission cross member. I kept my i6 one because the 1970 did not ever have a V8 and I would of had to drill and modify stuff. It wont be a problem till I go to do exhaust as you need the V8 with the double curve up to run dual exhaust, the i6 only has one side curved. I am doing side pipes, so I will let the exhaust shop worry about it.  I also need a bracket that goes on the end of the transmission to bolt said cross member too, luckily it was still readily available.


Radiator and fan

I tried to reuse the radiator from the i6. Nope hoses different sizes. Then I bought some aftermarket, thing didnt fit. I got a uses one cheap, flushed it out. Hope it works when I get on the road. Then the fan was gonna chop off my hose, so I had to get a smaller water pump pulley and decided to go with an old Taurus electric fan. Those details are here

EGR valve and plate under carburetor

The truck 302 had a LOT of EPA and EGR stuff on it. I didnt need any of this since it was a 1970. I had to come up with some way to fix the plate under the carb and still have a place for the PCV. So I did this here

Gas pedal

This turned out to be a bigger PITA then I thought. I had to take out the break, clutch and gas pedals. Then I had to put in the V8 / auto ones. Then had to figure out how to route the shorter V8 cable and hook it to the carb. Info for all that is here

Firing order for spark plugs and TDC

This is the thing that made me almost throw in the towel. I had two issues; A) what order do I put the spark plus wire in   B) How do I know where to start on the distributor cap. 

There are two different firing orders for a ford 302. Normal and H.O. Since H.O. did not start till the 80s. I had a normal.


I had a hell of a time finding TDC, I still dont know if it is right. I guess I will find out once I try to drive it, it runs fine at idle.

Ignition Module

This one took a while. I had to figure out how the wiring hook up was. I had to then make a harness. Details are here. The main issue is that Ford had decided to switch wire colors at one of the plugs. Info is on that page i linked.


Once the engine was in, it was time to put on the headers. Very scary job. Go here for pics

And finally after messing with the ignition module, and firing order, and TDC I got it to run….

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