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Cracked  Dash

A while back I bought a dash that was tan and had a small crack in it. The body shop painted it black (mostly there are splotches they missed), but the crack is still there. So I decided to see if I can fix it.

Here it is with its one and only crack

I poked at it and broke away all the brittle vinyl. It got a little bigger. Was afraid it wasnt gonna stop

I then took a Dremel tool with a cone stone and slanted off the rough edges.

I then picked away some of the foam from under the leading edges.

I sanded around the crack. You can see the original tan color coming thru.

Mixed up my first ever patch of Bondo and slapped that puppy on there

Sanded away most of the Bondo. Pushed on the dash and it flexed with the dash. I was/am afraid it being to stiff. I also hope like hell I am able to paint this thing in the car. Not to sure now about getting the spray can angled with the windshield in the way. 

Put on a second coat and sanded with 150 grit paper and then 220 grit sponge.

Taped up and heated up the car. It was 45 deg F out, paint said to be 60 deg F

Some adhesion promoter and black vinyl/fabric/plastic paint. Looked good but was way to smooth over the bondo and didnt cover the bond to well.

I got some mate black Rustoleum hammered paint. It fixed the texture issue quite nicely. 

Problem was the paint was very silver. Not black. 


I didnt want to put yet another layer of paint on the dash. So I decided to just shoot the rest of the dash with a light coat of the hammer mate black paint. 

Here is the finished dash pad, but before I sprayed the rest of the dash.

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