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I discovered that in Ohio you can run year correct plates on your car. So I got me a pair of 1970 plates off of ebay. They are in very good shape. I have to take them to the DMV and have them photocopied and sent off for verification.

I will need to figure out how to mount the front one on the car. I really do not want to drill holes in the car, but I may not have a choice. I will post mounted pics later.

Took the plates to the DMV. Got them all legal like for my car. One time fee, no more yearly stickers for me. There are a LOT of restirctions on when you can drive, but I dont plan on driving it a lot anyway.

Cool thing was that I found out you do NOT need a front plate if your doing historical or year specific. It was suggested I keep a copy of that code in my car in case I get pulled over. Here is the PDF.

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