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My gas tank has been a pain in my ass since I got the car. Leak after leak. Found out no one makes a replacement or after market tank for a 1970 Maverick. After doing some reading on the forum, my only option was to send it out for repair. Most people recommended a company called Renu. Found one 20 min from  here, but unfortunately their equipment is down. Luckily there was another 35min from here. So I pulled the tank today and will take it up this week.

EDIT: Trip turned out to be 70min one way. Ugg, but I lugged it up there this weekend. Hope to get it back soon.


Here is one of my small leaks


Top looked nice and shiny


Tank taken out


Um yeah…Gotts a few problems


2010-09-16 Got the Renu-ed tank back today. Looks a Zillion% better. They braised closed the holes, cleaned and coated the inside and the outside of the tank and the goose neck.

Renu-ed Tank


Before putting the new tank back in place. I cleaned the hole with a scraper and wire brush. I then primed and painted it with flat black Rustoluem.

clean and painted

I then used some gasket making caulk around the lip of the hole before putting in the tank. I also used this gasket stuff around the goose neck on the outside of the car.

Tank back in Place

After that it was just a mater of putting the sending unit in with the new Oring. The sock filter was completely shot. So I removed it and put an inline filter in the engine bay before the fuel pump. I also replaced the rubber fuel line between the sending unit and line, and between the line and fuel pump.

I put 2gal of gas in the car and it actually got fuel and started up. I didnt check and see if the fuel gauge was working, so I will have to do that next time. I would call this an over all success.

EDIT: Put half a tank of gas in and YES!! the fuel gauge works.

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