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Electric Choke

The Mav came with an heat assisted elect choke. It was shot and the tube from the manifold was rusted.

So I thru it away. Lesson learned: Don’t throw any part away until you get the new part. 

I learned that the part circled in red here is NOT part of the choke, but part of the carburetor itself. The choke is just the black cap. No stand off, no screws, no retention ring.

Luckily a guy on the forum had a stand off from a cheepo leaky carb he sold me cheap. 

While I was waiting, a local guy had this rusted out frozen carb for sale for $10. So I went and knabbed it.

Between the two I was able to get all the screws, rings, pins, linkage and everything to get a full working stand off.

Then  it got a tad confusing. When doing research on electric chokes, it became clear that some were 12V and some where 7V.  If they were 12V you hooked strait 12V to it (when in run). If they were 7V you hooked them to the stator of the alternator, as it produced a pulse voltage with an average of 7V. Problem is, most listing did not mention what voltage the choke I was looking at were. I wanted to put my elect choke on a switch. Not sure why, I just did. 

I found out the Holly 45-258 is a full 12V choke that fits the Motocraft 2150 carb. By The Way , this is all you get when you order a elect choke.

Here it is all hooked up and working.

Click HERE for all the pics in full size.

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